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It is difficult for job oriented people to have their cars maintained. They are too much involved in the offices, have to attend important meetings and staying late at the offices is no more a tragedy. While going through this time, other things that are equally important like house cleaning, car maintenance and etc. are disturbed.

Work load is a cause of mental illness and when you reach home with all the troubles, it gets very irritating. Imagine yourself in a situation when your car loses hope, it would be a discouraging thing to happen.

If you are one of those who don’t get time to manage their life other than work and don’t want to indulge in above stated situation. In this advanced world, where you are just one click away from getting the desire things from all over the world, similarly you can also avail various services online.  To save you from the situation we bring you Kwik fit.

What is Kwik fit?

Kwik fit is an online store providing car maintenance services to customers who have a busy schedule. They know that people have a very busy schedule and so an online store was introduced to assist people at an easy reach. They have quality services as experts work with dedication and efficiency. Do check the review section present at the store for satisfaction. It is a one stop shop to have your car maintained. Next time you feel that your car needs maintenance, do visit the store and get it repaired without any worries.

What Services and Products Does Kwik fit Offer?

You might be thinking about the possible products and services you can get from Kwik fit? It is basically a complete store with various products and service to offer.  Products provided by the store include tyres, brakes, exhausts, batteries, bulbs and many more plus MOT testing and complete service is available at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter what sort of issues your car is troubling you with, you’ll get it solved in no time by just visiting the store.

Benefits of Using Kwik fit

There are a lot of benefits while you are in touch with Kwik fit. We have jotted down few advantages that one can get through the store.

  • Save Time with Online Service

The very first benefit you can enjoy is saving your time with the online services provided by Kwik fit. There are times when you have to reach somewhere quick and couldn’t afford to wait for your turn. To make things better, store offers online booking service. Book the schedule you think will be perfect for you with just one click. You can book the type of services you want, essential car care, interim or full service can be booked at any time.

  • Quality and Affordable Products and Services Available

People today want the best items but under their budget and it is very difficult to have both at the same time. At Kwik fit, they know your struggle at work and so they strive to provide you the best services and quality products at a comparatively low cost. Benefit more and Shop hassle free while using Kwik fit coupons to avail discounts on selected items. Moreover, there are amazing deals offered by stores that reduces burden on your pockets.

  • Get What You Need With the Searching Facility

Going for traditional shopping is very hectic, but do you know that online shopping can jumble you up as well? The searching facility provided by Kwik fit is a benefit for the users. You don’t need to roam around to find your products. Just search what you need with added details and get to the main course. Get the exact size and user friendly items in just one click. Furthermore, for service booking you don’t need to enter your details for an appointment. It can be booked with your car’s registration number and get your car repaired in no time.


Years celebrations start with the scary day, Halloween! It is the night when people wear scary

costumes to remember the once gone long before. Houses and streets are decorated with lights and jack o lantern which is a traditional decorating item being used for ages. However, every year there is something new introduced to spice up and make this event more joyous. There has been a lot of upgradation to the traditional methods. Trick or treat is no longer a popular idea or the trademark of this event.

Competition has grown stronger. There is a battle taking place socially and everyone wants the

upper hand. This year also new items have been introduced in the market to make your Halloween decoration wonderful. Here is a list of 2018’s decoration ideas for Halloween.

Animatronics are the New Hype

As you know that Halloween is the spookiest event, adding something 3-D to your decoration will

have an immense impact on your decoration. There is an outstanding collection available with some of the famous movie characters like chucky from the child’s play which has been a nightmare for the 90s generation. Creating scenes like graveyard with a witch standing above a grave will be frightening enough to give one goose bumps.

Tombstone and Fences are Great Décor for Outdoors

In case if you have a lawn large enough to gather your guests, using the space will be fascinating.

This year you get a cool collection of outdoor décor. Tombstones will add the spooky effect in the lawn presenting it as a real grave yard. Tombstones with lights adds on to the effect. Give your lawn a complete graveyard looks with the coffins and fences which can be accessed at a reasonable price online.

Improved Decoration Lights

Are you sick of using the same old lights every year on Halloween? Want to try something new this

year? Get your hands filled with improved decoration lights at an affordable price. There is a wide range available including black Halloween lights, candle Halloween lights, string lights, spot lights and many more at various stores. Tremendous designs that make up the spooky feels. Decorate your home with new lights and get appreciated by the guests.

Fog Machines Make you Feel Real

To make it more scary and real, adding a fog machine to your setup will make it look more real. You

must have watched in horror movies, when witches appear suddenly on top of graves, there is all smoke under them. Use the smoke machine while you are entering the hall or lawn, it will look spooky and good at the same time. Imagine yourself in a witch costume and appearing out of nowhere from the smoke. It will be very impressive. The machine is affordable and can be accessed easily online from various online stores.

Wall and Window Décor are Cost Effective yet Spooky

Wall and window décor can be considered the cheapest decoration. It is cost and time effective. All

you need to do is go through the amazing décor online and get them delivered at your doorstep. Most of the wall and window décor are stickers, that can be applied and removed easily. There is a wide range of products available with catchy slogans and 3-D stickers for better effects. You can apply stickers on walls and windows if you wish to spend less on decoration this year.

Digital Décor is the New Game

We are in the 21st century also known as the digital era. From pictures to money, everything has

turned digital. Introducing for the first time, digital décor. This year use the technology while decorating your homes for Halloween. The digital décor consists of a Pro FX projector kit with DVDs comprising special effects which can be played on walls. The projector costs more, but you don’t need to worry as it can be used more than once, you can enjoy a movie night with friends using the projector to play the movie on a large screen.

These are some of the Halloween decoration ideas for 2018. The products can be accessed easily

online through online stores that offer branded and quality products. To enjoy discounts on the most loved item, do use coupons to avail discounts. Make this year Halloween special while spending and wasting less.


No matter you are facing a deep financial trouble or your bank account is really in good shape, there is always space to grow financially and maximizing your assets. As you take control of your money flow right now, you’ll save yourself from the money dilemmas in future.

Instead of blaming yourself of missing the opportunities, resigning from the job or facing a serious credit card fall down, you should think for the future and explore the strategies that can lead you to a successful financial life. There are a lot of ways that can reduce your debts and boost your income which just require a deep thinking and little planning for a longer run. Start by following the steps and begin with making tangible investments for the future.

Track How You Spend

The first thing that you have to do is to learn by your mistakes and for this you note down the every penny you spend in the last few months. You can use Excel Sheets on your laptop or simply use your cellphone to know what you have done with your bank account. You may be surprised as you get to know where and how you’ve spend. Automatically you’ll be careful next time for the things you wasted excessive money.

Write a Strict Budget

By the start of a new month, sit and write down the income and outflows for the entire month. Now make strict ranges for each expense and plan for them about how you’re going to carry out the expense within the budget. This way your every dollar will be labeled with its purpose and you’ll waste less and save more. Also regular reviews of the written budget will prevent the trickling away out of the leaking faucet.

Pay Yourself First

As saving is your first so you need to take some specific amount out of you income and put it at some place where you couldn’t reach. It can be any specific percentage of the inflow that you have to pay yourself first before starting the monthly expenditures. No matter if it is $100 or $500 per month, it will be really valuable by the end of the year. You may find it difficult to stick it by the end of the month, just think that this saving is going to add value to your life.

Sell The Extra Assets

Have a deep look all around your home from basement to the closets, any storage may have some items that are not in use for long time or you don’t need it anyway. Think about it! You may sell the item or just rent it. Go through some online websites like or where you can sell or rent the used items and can earn valuable profits.

Set Your Goals

Goals play important role in transforming a happy go lucky boy into a responsible citizen. You need a well-defined aim for which you are motivated to work hard and be decisive to your expenses and plans. These are the objectives of a person which prevents him from doing waste investments as he thinks about the future seriously. So, set a précised and definite goal, stick it and keep working on that.

Increase Your Assets

Whenever you are going to invest, try to maximize your assets through it. Instead of expending in maximize luxuries or gadgets, go for the items that have increasing time value like gold, market shares, land property etc. This will not only save your future but you can also earn profitable margins from them.

Seek for Innovative Options

There are a lot of means of multiplying your money; you just have to focus on the opportunities and offerings by various industries. Some ideas are listed below

  • Bank ATM: don’t use another bank’s ATM as it involves the transaction fees, always go for your own bank’s ATM both.
  • Credit Union: The credit union is a non-profit alternative to the interest based saving accounts which can boost your financial security.
  • Discount Coupons: Discover the coupons of various online websites which offer valuable discounts on high quality stuff. The best options include Retailmenot and Dontpayhuge which are best for your fashion, gadgets and home stores.
  • Loyalty Programs: Look out to earn reward points through the customer loyalty programs of various companies, supermarkets and online stores.

These are the methods by which you can significantly stabilize your bank account and enjoy a stress free future ahead.



Fall is the season experienced just before winter. It is a very different and beautiful season, where you get you see so many delightful things in nature.The season best known for its colors’is not experienced everywhere, and if you are experiencing this season then you should consider yourself lucky.

There are very few things to do in fall season, the weather is disturbing as the air gets dry and it irritates skin. However, it is still the most beautiful season and you should appreciate it by celebrating the arrival. Decorating your house is the least you can do, but it is very difficult to find something alluring to be used as a decoration.Well, today you will be guided to create your own wreaths on a budget for fall season.

DIY Corn Tassel Wreath

The first and amazing wreath you can make without spending a single penny is the corn tassel wreath. If you are one of the residents of a place where it is easy to find corn tassel, that’s the hardest part to make a corn wreath. Get few of the corn tassels and with the help of glue stick them together to make a wreath. It will be a perfect décor for fall with you spending nothing in the production. You can watch a tutorial if confused, that is available on YouTube.

DIY Paper Wreath

While the talk is about creating budget friendly wreaths for fall, then the cheapest wreath can be made using the most easily available product in every home. Nobody can deny the fact that there are unused papers and books heaping in dust in homes and it is the best time to use them. Although you should use papers and books that are of no use to you and do not destroy books with amazing content. Making paper wreath is quite simple, easy and requires very little effort and products to create a master piece. Cut the paper in leaf shape and glue them on a foam circle. You can add other decorative items like paints, glitters and bows to make it look delighting. Tutorial is available online and can be viewed to seek help while making a paper wreath.

DIY Magnolia Leaf Wreath

The next cheap wreath you can make at home is the Magnolia Leaf Wreath. If you happen to have magnolias growing in your backyard, save the leaves. Magnolia leaves have the perfect shape to make a DIY fall wreath and it is better when they start turning brown.You don’t have to spend any money to create this beautiful and fall perfect wreath. However, to make it more happening, you can add further details with things already present at your home and make this wreath more noticeable. For help, you can view the tutorial available online.

DIY Natural Berry Wreath

the natural berry wreath is a good décor for fall season as the pyracantha berries grow during fall season and you can make a wreath free of cost with the berry bush which is a free resource. The process is very simple, but you have to be careful with the bushes. A little effort is required while working in the bushes. To get help, you can look at the tutorial available online and make a wreath under expert’s guidance.

DIY Boxwood Wreath

The next cheap wreath you can make at home is the Boxwood Wreath. Boxwood is an ornamental plant that has little leaves and you can find it very easily. If you don’t have a boxwood bush on your property, get fake boxwood leaves from any craft store. It won’t be expensive plus it will make it useable for more time. Furthermore, you can add a ribbon to it and keep it simple as the simple it is, the better it looks. For guidance, check the tutorial once and then start with the making.

DIY Real Oak Leaf Wreath

Using oak leaves for making a wreath is just perfect as they are the first thing people imagine when they think of autumn. Leave’s colors make it more interesting as they are a true representation of fall with the brown, yellow, red and orange colors. Collect the oak leaves and glue them together on a foam circle. You can add details to it but keeping it simple will do the work.

These are some of the fall wreaths you can make this year to celebrate fall season. They are budget friendly and you don’t need to spend too much as most things are already present at your home or are provided to you by nature.




You must like cool jackets as you can make a lot use out of it. You can wear it so often, with your pajamas or with a casual T-shirt underneath and have a chic look. But every jacket is not that much trendy and makes you look classy, only some are the blazers which give you elegant and youthful look.

We (Dontpayhuge) have singled out some timeless representations of jackets that you must have in your wardrobe.

Classic—Above The Knee

Have an Oh My God look by wearing above the knee classic trench having ideal silhouettes and flare. You can put this on in every season or in-between seasons and be a glamorous model instantly.

Timeless Denim

A wardrobe without a Denim jacket is like a garden without rose. It’s a staple of the warmer months due to its timeless cool look. You can layer it up with a T-shirt and jeans and feel free to go everywhere. Right now, boxy and structured shaped denim jackets are in fashion, so buy them and wear them like a boss.

Overcoat—Below The Knee

It’s best for the fall and winter season because of the warmth it gives. A woolen overcoat with bright or dark colors is the style that hits the ground in fashion industry. Just wrap it up in beautiful fleece and stay stylish.


A cuddly fur coat gives you a rock star feeling. A warm fur in bright color lets you to have a fuzzy faux fur of the jacket. This type is best to boost your confidence for the night out.

Evening Coat

When you have to rock on an evening party, a knee length jacket can go miles with you. Woolen or fancy silk long coat instantly gives you an elegant and feminine touch. It can be combined with tight black pants or one piece body on dress. Now you don’t have to compromise on fashion.

Leather Jackets

Women have realized the great style of a good leather jacket. It’s all-time favorite and has prominent margins to enter the mainstream of the fashion industry. Give yourself a teenage or flutter with quality leather coat on formal events as well as on festive occasions.

Black Blazer

If you have a black blazer in your wardrobe, then you don’t need to worry about your daytime wear. You can put it on in countless ways like with jeans, tight black slacks, or even with a formal dress. It is ideal for evening parties and formal meetings.


Don’t compromise your style when it’s raining outside. Always have a timeless raincoat in your closet and throw it on with tight pants and high shine boots. Let’s go for a colorful raincoat that gives you a rainbow feeling during the rainfall.


You don’t need to worry for the winter fashion when parka is there. It can serve you as a ticket to chic look when you wear it over a skinny jeans and short top. It’s the top fashion that prevents you to be frozen for the sake of good look.

Winter closet is all about having a great variety of outerwear. Tho, you need to stay warmer, but what doesn’t mean that you will carry a blanket all around the town. So, pick any of the styles of jackets featured above to keep your styling game up even in winters.


The most adorable thing about a woman is her confidence in a humble way. According to Christian Louboutin, “High heels are pleasure with pain”, we are certain that he is talking about the ladies who wear heels rarely. There is much pain in stilettos due to the imbalance, trembling and eventually hitting the ground by falling. To avoid all embarrassing situations, we are here with some simple tips for walking in heels.

Dontpayhuge want you to conquer the world with your supermodel style in beautiful heels. You must be wishing to have go-to-hell confidence in heels no matter you are in boardroom or in a party and for this you need to practice the tips down here and walk in killer heels without trembling.

Fit Size

The most common mistake that girls usually do is they don’t pick the right shoe size. There are different shoe numbers for flats and heels and wrong size selection while shopping for the stilettos can have a bad result. If you get smaller shoes, an uneasy feeling will automatically throw off your confidence due to the teasing shoe edges. And if you wear bigger ones, your feet will slide sideways again and again and your whole attention will be on adjusting your heels.

When you shop for pencil heels it’s better to let the store customer advisor to check out our perfect shoe size so that you can have a perfect addition to your outfit.

Platform Heels in Beginning

If you think that you can’t manage with the heels and feel nervous, don’t compromise your style, go for the platform heels as they are very convenient to maintain your balance and posture while walking. Once you are comfortable with wedges. Then go for high heels which will be much easy.

Thicker Heels Next

If you are planning to hit the party in an elevated height with heels, then go for thicker heels that are more convenient and easy to carry. It’s because you don’t want to compromise the fashion at the party, so avoid pencil heels that can wobble your feet in the event. Sometimes simply adding an extra pad to your heels can make big difference and can save you from being miserable.

Practice To Be Perfect

Wear your heels at your home, make mistakes, but don’t give up. In this way you’ll grow because pain promotes your courage. This will help you to carry your heels and strengthen your knees and legs. If you find it difficult in beginning, try wearing socks that will grip your shoes into the feet. Don’t forget to practice on different type of surfaces like marble flooring, stairs, rocky pavements and others.

Heel To Toe Steps

The most important trick to give yourself a graceful and elegant look while wearing heels, is the style of stepping. Walking in heels is a wonderful science and if you are a newbie then you have to learn this mystery. Not actually a mystery, it’s just to know how to step like you have to put your heel first and then your toe on the ground, when your heels are on. This will let you to walk fluent, naturally and charmingly. While stepping heel to toe, concentrate on your abs also as you need to engage them to keep your posture balanced.

Be Straight

Here’s the key to walk in stylish heels: stand straight, keep your shoulders back, tighten your abs, chin up and look forward to walk in straight line. Don’t forget to keep your knees relaxed and you can move your hands and arms freely. In this way you will walk best.

Be Slow

Yesof Corse! You need to be slow and humble while walking in heel to toe to maintain your balance. Take small and firm steps but we are not suggesting you to walk like a baby. Just be normal with your shorter footsteps in the desired direction. To practice at home, place a book over your head and then try balanced walk so you can delight yourself with stylish heels.

Be Confident

Confidence is the major element when you do anything new. Whenever you wear thin heels, keep your head high as you enter the gathering. Never think that you haven’t done anything weird, it’s quite normal and don’t let anybody know that you are trying the heels for the first time. This will give a smart look.

Do you have some other tips or tricks to walk like a pro in heels? If yes, then let us know about them in the comment section below.


You feel beautiful if you have a shiny skin, no matter what age, shape or size you are. But if your skin is getting flaky, uneven or breaking out, then there must be some habits that are ruining your skin which you haven’t noticed yet. It may be your eating or cosmetics behaviors that need to be focused.

Yes it is a truth that your makeup also greatly impacts your skin health. And your beauty products contain a lot of bacteria that can affect your skin especially creams and liquid products are most vulnerable. To avoid the skin flare ups, you need to change your makeup activities.

Here we in collaboration with Dontpayhuge are discussing your makeup practices that you should stop at once. We are not asking you to stop doing makeup as we know that for a stylish lady, makeup is as important as oxygen. But unfortunately heavy makeup on every single day can decay your skin health if you keep following these things in your daily routine mentioned below.

Dirty Brushes

A recent research has proved that the makeup brushes are the most common breeding habitat for bacteria. They react with the pores, acne, dead skin and sweat on your face which can result as skin problems and cause acne too. To avoid this, you have to keep your brushes clean, wash them very often with the help of gentle cleanser or deep cleaning agents that kills the bacteria from the brushes.

Sleeping While Makeup Is Still On

Although sleeping is a healthy habit but it becomes absolutely worst for your skin if you are wearing makeup while snoozing. It’s because all of the dirt, sweats and environment dust that you have encountered the whole day will react with your skin pores during night. You really need to catch up the time to care your skin at night by washing all the excess oil and pollutants. The clogged pores on your skin are important to be removed for youthful skin.

Sharing Your Products

We have learned from our childhood that “Sharing is Caring” but this must not be effective when it comes to your makeup stuff. Sharing your beauty products with your friends or mates can put you in a big trouble. There should be a big “No” when someone asks you for your makeup kit. A number of medical issues and infections can be raised in sharing the beauty products like cold sores, eye infections and pimples. So, stick to your personal vanity and avoid skin hassles.

Too Many Home Remedies

Home based DIYs can nurture your skin effectively but it can be worst when they are applied frequently. If you have scrubbed baking soda on your face one night and applied apple vinegar the next day, then it will throw off our skin by misbalancing the pH of your skin. Many DIY treatments are formulated as skin care solutions but they can be reactive due to unmatched application.

Makeup All The Day

Putting on heavy makeup all the day may be the requirement of your job but make sure to put it off when you are at home as it poses a negative effect on the skin.  Makeup layers on the skin don’t allow the skin to breathe so that the skin cells may rejuvenate.

Applying Low Quality Products

Some of the ladies prefer to but cheap beauty products but when these products are applied on skin for the whole day, they react negatively. They can block the air passage to the skin, clog the pores and can be resulted in acne or flakes.

Popping Pimples

Keeping the hands away from the pimples is difficult but not impossible. Don’t pop your zits or burst small pustules as it leaves the scars and opened pores. Treat your pimples gently instead of popping them.

Not Moisturizing Regularly

Your skin need to be exfoliated and moisturized on regular basis as applying makeup for prolonged periods makes your skin dry and flaky. Use good quality moisturizer or cleanser to smooth your skin and combat the dryness.

Sweat In The Makeup

If you are heading outside in a sunny weather while wearing beauty layers on your face, then your skin is going to be collapsed. It’s because the heat from the sun can break the facial capillaries which stops the blood supply to the face and eventually the skin damage will happen. Also never use a hair dryer or steamer when there’s makeup on your face, so that your skin may remain fresh and glow.


Ways To Look 10 Years Younger Than Your Actual Age

It is not necessary that you portray yourself old to world with an increasing age. Every human being has that one phase in their life which they don’t want to lose. That age is when they enter the adult hood phase. This is the age where you get mature both physically and mentally.

However if you want to keep yourself like that for a longer period of time, you must follow these tips by Dontpayhuge that can make you look longer even if you become a member of the old club.

Keep Short Hairs

As we grow up, the density of our hairs decreases. By the time you notice that your growing glory isn’t what if once was, it’s likely that you`ve already lost about half the hair you had during your mane`s illustrious heyday. Keeping long hairs will make you look old; a shorter haircut will thicken and give body to thinning hair. To keep the looks maintained, find a barber you like and visit him after every four weeks. Furthermore short hairs actually give a cleaner and classy look whereas long hairs can portray things different about you.

Tame Your Guy Brows

With increasing age, your brows can get woolly. This change happens slowly but you will start feeling the change when people start offering their seat to you in public transport. Trimming your eyebrows at home won’t work well and there is a chance that you ruin them at home. You can ask your barber to trim the brows when you visit him for hair cutting. Moreover you can get the extra hairs trimmed as well, like hairs on ears and nose. The cleaner your face is the younger you`ll look.

Change How You Frame Your Face

Our faces appear to lengthen as we age. One way to look younger is to foreshorten your look and make your face appear more rounded. Crew necks make the face look more rounded than V-neck. For the same reason, while you are suiting up or dressing casually, wear button collared shirts rather than a wide spread collar. Your dressing affects your looks; you should wear clothes that make you look younger than your age.

Stand up Straighter

The quickest way to look younger is to stand up straight. Pull your shoulders back and tighten your core. The more you lean the older you look. You should always keep your back straight while sitting or standing. According to experts, you`ll appear 10 pounds lighter and be perceived as healthier, more confident, alert and more youthful. To avoid back pain in later years, you should make it a habit of keeping your back straight.

Smile More

Never let the smile go off your face. If you`ll smile less, it will appear to the others as if you are ill and will eventually lead to know people that you are aging. A research demonstrated that happy looking people are perceived to be younger. While reaching a higher age you are more sad and angry and need a solid and strong reason to laugh but it is affecting your personality very badly. It is portraying you as an old guy. You should always keep a smiley face as it makes you look younger plus it shows positive vibes.


Dry skin looks dull that you can actually end up looking like you`re covered in a thin layer of dust. Use a moisturizer on your face and also on your hands and body. It can also be done naturally, rather than going for moisturizers you can use coconut oil. It is natural so doesn’t have any side effects like allergy and an inexpensive option for a clear face. Coconut oil is effective at locking in moisture and staving off wrinkles. Some moisturizers don’t smell good but coconut will make you smell like a macron, and girls like macrons.

Keep Your Teeth White

It doesn’t matter how great your smile is, if your teeth are shady it ruins everything. If your teeth aren’t white, visit a dentist and get your teeth cleaned as soon as possible. However, you still need to take extra care of your teeth. Smokers, coffee addicts and alcohol lovers need to make sure that these things can take away the shine of your teeth. So if you are a consumer of one of these things avoid consuming them and floss your teeth regularly to keep the shine.

Looking young isn’t difficult no matter what age you are at. You should have a habit to keep yourself neat and clean which is enough for you to look young.


Insulate your Windows

Small penetrations can create a huge impact on your inner environment. Before winter starts you should go for a complete check-up for areas that can allow chill air to enter your house. The first action to take is against your windows. You can insulate your windows using caulk which an affordable item and can be accessed easily at any warehouse or you can get it delivered online. Caulk around the glass of your window or if you have bubble wraps at your home, with the help of a blow dryer, seal your window and completely insulate the penetration.

Wrap Up Your Hot Water Taps

Do you know that your hot water taps produce their own heat? To avoid heat and water wastage, you should insulate it using epoxy around joints. You can DIY it as it is an easy task and you don’t have to pay huge sum to a plumber for such an easy task. Epoxy is easily available and is very cheap. However, wrapping the tap with bubble wrap will be efficient as well. As long as this wrapping is alright, you have nothing to worry about.

Seal Your Doors

There’s always a problem with your doors and they should be taken into consideration before winters. The gap between your door and frame easily welcomes cold wind inside your house.You can block the path using a sponge, but it won’t be that effective. Another idea is to use some bubble wrap or special foam. It will completely block the air path but will also be a hindrance in opening the door afterwards.You can decide what to apply under your doors as both the ideas are effective but with buts and ifs.

Block the Gap Under Your Doors

The gap under your door is wide enough to let cold air enter your house.To avoid cold wind enter, you have to take major steps. The best way to block the air is with pillows. You can you can create long and thin pillows and cover them. If you want to keep the temperature warm, glue them with the door. It is the best solution for blocking the air. You will sleep happily after insulating your doors.

Cover Your Floors

Believe it or not, about 10% of your room’s heat is lost through floors especially if there is a basement underneath. To insulate your house, you should start preparing now. You need to spend some money to by rugs if you don’t have them.  Just remember, the fluffier, the better. Consider it as a one-time investment or you can get second hand rugs but make sure that you get thrifted wool rug. Place rugs on your floor to avoid heat lossand make your home comfortable to live.

Use Oven Heat to Raise The Temperature

Using oven heat will help raise your room temperature in no time. If you are one of the baking experts or love to bake, this idea will be very effective for you. However, you shouldn’t follow this idea too much. Do it only while cooking or baking, leave your oven door open so that heat can come out. It will warm up the entire room and if you live in a small apartment, it will work efficiently raising the temperature of the whole apartment. Do remember the precautions as well while using the idea as it can be dangerous.

Insulate Your Electric Sockets

Sockets can also create air space and insulating them will help you. If you have your house baby proofed, then it’s not a problem. If that’s not the case, then get them insulated with plastic masks.

Keep your homes heated this winter season with the help of these affordable ways. You will not only keep the temperature high but will also lower your electricity consumption as heaters will work for a shorter period.